Generic Vehicle Control Unit


The generic Vehicle Control Unit enables the customer to manage quickly all drive train configurations without high development efforts.

Benefits and Features

  • Scalable, flexible SW configuration for emerging market needs
  • Best reliability and safety concepts in HW/SW design
  • Proven platform concepts enabling the customer to react flexible on functional needs

Technical Data

  • Cabin mounted ECU 24/12 V – IP30
  • Pedal Interfaces: Accelerator, Brake & Clutch
  • Secured Stalk Switch Interfaces
  • Brake Management
  • Torque Management (also for Auxiliary Drives)
  • Sensor Inputs: Temperature, Speed, Clutch, Oil
  • Actuator Outputs: Control Valves and Indicator Lamps
  • Firewall Functionality for Body Builder Manufacturers
  • up to 3 CAN-Interfaces; LIN-Interface
  • SAE J 1939 compatible