Our speakers are designed to deliver a great, consistently dynamic sound both in indoor and outdoor environments. They are all 2-way-speakers, with each speaker delivering a separate frequency range, for perfect sound quality.

We offer speakers for a wide range of different applications, even marine speakers that strenuously resist water, corrosion and heat. The specifications are adapted to the requirements of the respective application.

Speaker 10 cm 2 ways 50 WSpeaker 13 cm 2 ways 60 WSpeaker 13 cm 2 ways with
white grille 60 W
Part NumberHP1021HP1321HPW1321/16
Peak load (W)506060
Max load (W)121515
Sensitivity (dB)888988
Frequency response (Hz)120-18.000100-18.000100-20.000
Installation depth4744.544.5
Diameter (mm)100130130
Nominal resistance444
Grille ColorsBlack
(zinc plating pretreatment)
(zinc plating pretreatment)
(zinc plating preteatment)
Cone materialInjected PPInjected PPInjected PP
Basket materialMetalMetalMetal
Packaging unit222


Speaker 10cm 2 ways bulk / 50 WRound Grille 10 cm BULK BlackSquare Grille 10 cm BULK BlackMarine Speaker 13 cm 2 ways with white grille ASA 150 W
Part NumberHP1021/B051-018-000XRC-1-96-101051-018-011
Peak load (W)50--200
Max load (W)10--30
Sensitivity (dB)86--87
Frequency response (Hz)120-18.000--100-20.000
Installation depth47--50
Diameter (mm)100100100130
Nominal resistance4--4
Grille colors-Black
(zinc plating pretreatment)
BlackWhite (RAL 9003)
Cone materialInjected PP--Injected PP
Basket materialMetal--ASA (UV resistant)
Accessories---Screws and 2 ISO cables
Packaging unit30100502