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Modular Driver's Workplace


Modular development for more flexibility, individuality and state of the art technologies for the whole portfolio of our bus customers.

SOP 2017

Benefits and Features

  • EBSF and VDV compliance
  • 2 free configurable switch panels
  • 2 optional panels for more switches, displays, additional equipment
  • Central modul prepared for different cluster
  • Customization by changing design/dimension of the panels and the clusters
  • Standard LHD-, RHD-, rev counter- and small variant in one basic module
  • Flat and functional design
  • Easy to maintain, repair, modify

Technical Data

  • Switch panels connected via CAN
  • Free programable switchpanels
  • Space for IBIS or MADT. In the exhibit is a Trapeze™ ITT-System integrated
  • Compatible for KIBES and other systems
  • Multi Viu Professional 12" 
  • No change of the max. dimensions and mechanical interfaces
  • Integrated Hotspot from IPmotion™

Video: Modular Driver´s Workplace

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German Design Award 2016

Download PDF

Design Award 2015

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Since more than 50 years, the iF Product Design Award attracts more than 2,000 products entries per year, from around 37 nations. The product entries are judged by renowned experts, with the best of them receiving an iF seal of outstanding design quality. iF Design Award is one of the two most important international Design Awards, together with the “Red Dot Award”.

We, I CVAM VE registered the concept of the modular Driver Workplace (mDWP) and have been awarded in the category of “Professional Concept” in the category “Mobility”.