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Complete Integrated Cockpit Systems


Continental has been serving the global commercial vehicle market with components ranging from tachographs to controllers to instrumentation whereas SAS Automotive Systems, a 50 / 50 Joint Venture of Faurecia and Continental have more than 21 cockpit plants around the world, resulting in more than 5 millions cockpits assembled per year. This global knowledge is coming together to create a Program focusing on all activities of cockpit systems from customer requirement engineering through the whole value chain of final production.

Following the passengers vehicles trends, today’s commercial vehicle interior cockpit environment gets increasingly more complex, with more and more components, more ergonomic and styling requirements, together with higher volumes and global architectures approach, result in a considerable challenge increase at the system integration and quality control areas.

Benefits and Features

  • Unique supplier to handle (decrease interface and costs with suppliers at quality, engineering, commercial, etc.)
  • System supplier instead of component supplier
  • Close relationship brings more flexibility in all process
  • Optimize investments
  • Less logistic costs / Inventory reduction
  • Elimination of transitory stock
  • Increase of production area
  • Limit part numbers and complexity
  • Approved system to be built straight in the vehicle
  • Design-to-Cost, Design-for-Assembly and Design-for-Manufacture know-how           
  • Synergies at product development / new technologies