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About us – Slovakia

Production plant in the Slovak Republic creates proximity to customers, reduces logistics costs and strengthens the competitiveness of Continental Automotive Systems

Just ten months after the cornerstone was laid on April 18, 2005, the brake plant in Zvolen has begun production operations in February 2006. The plant is part of CAS´s response to the dynamic growth of the Eastern European markets. Its ideal strategic location leaves it well placed to benefit from the upswing in what is known as the Automotive Region Eastern Europe (AREE).

We are producing high-performance brake calipers, which of course are also supplied to automotive plants in the fast growing Automotive Region Eastern Europe (AREE). Continental Automotive Systems invests in the location of the Hydraulic Brake Systems Business Unit, which plays a significant role in securing its international competitiveness. Plans are for the Zvolen plant to be expanded to become one of Continental Automotive Systems’ largest brake caliper production and assembly locations.

Annual Report 2015 (PDF) 

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