About us

Continental Automotive began operations in Australia in 1957, manufacturing speedometers for the Volkswagen Beetle. With its steady business development, nowadays it maintains two locations in Australia: Bundoora and Campbellfield, with approximately 297 employees in all three Automotive Divisions present: Chassis & Safety, Interior and Powertrain as well as Research & Development activities.

All products in Australia are designed and manufactured specifically for local customers, with some products being exported around the world. Some of our flagship products include: Instrument Clusters, Heater Control Modules, Powertrain Interfaces, Cockpits, Intake Air Fuel Modules, Rear Seat Entertainment Systems, Navigation Systems, Air Registers, Climate Controls, Hazard Switch Assembly, and a variety of aftermarket products.

Our passion and commitment towards quality is a significant part of our success story. We firmly believe that superior quality can be achieved if we work closely together with our customers and the market. Thus, it's Continental's strategy, operating close to its customers and supporting them actively with our know-how and experience. The close distance to the local Australian OEMs plays a key-role in this mission as it allows us flexibility to answer customer demands in a quick and professional manner.  Our customers are profiting from this and so does the consumer.

With the further globalization, Continental is committed and ambitious in Australia to grow with local customers and support them in becoming globally competitive.