Tailored training and coaching at your premises


General terms and conditionsThe general terms and conditions apply. In addition, there are the following prerequisites for training sessions held away from the Continental TrainingsCenter:


EUR 1,800.00 per day

Number of participants:


Prerequisites:1. The size of the theory room depends on the type of training and the number of participants. The rule of thumb for training sessions involving practical exercises is 100 m2.
Practice:2. In addition to the theory room, an automobile repair shop with a car lift and a brake test stand is needed.
Theory:3. A video projector, screen and flip chart are required.
Scheduling:4. When scheduling dates, the arrival and departure dates and the time it takes to set up and dismantle the training equipment must also be taken into account.
Venues:5. In the case of consecutive training sessions, they may not be held at venues of more than 150 kilometres apart, as the time it takes to set up and dismantle the equipment must be taken into account in addition to the actual training time.
Fee:6. All prices are subject to statutory VAT. The daily rate for customer-specific training sessions held in Germany is EUR 1,800.00. This price includes the trainer’s fee and travel expenses, and the training documents.
Information:For more details on training at your premises, call us on tel.
+49 (0)69 7603 4200.