3.2 TPMS Technology and Practical Application


Prerequisites:Vocational training in an automotive profession or at least three years of professional experience and completion of the training course
1.5 TPMS Information Event

1 day

EUR 200.00
per participant

Number of participants:
max. 12

Free of charge for:

Target group:Owners and employees of car dealerships, tyre dealerships, ATE BrakeCenters and independent and affiliated repair shops
Training goals:
  • Technical TPMS information
  • Learning how to install sensors
  • Learning how to read sensors
  • Programming TPMS sensors into the vehicle
  • Fitting tyres
Training details:
  • Identifying TPMS systems
  • Installing sensors and using the service kit
  • Initialising and, if necessary, resetting TPMS system tools
  • iagnostic analysis and programming of TPMS systems
  • Tyre fitting hints