1.2 ATE/VDO Electronic Systems of Today and Tomorrow


Prerequisites:Vocational training in an automotive profession or at least three years of professional experience

Approx. 2.5 hrs, preferably evenings

EUR 30.00 per participant

Number of participants:
max. 50


Target group:Owners and employees of ATE BrakeCenters and independent and affiliated repair shops
Training goals:
  • Familiarisation with the current state of the art
  • Acquiring basic knowledge of ABS, ESP, EHB and EPB
  • Trends in the automotive industry
  • Recognising the advantages of brake tools
Training details:
  • Innovations in the automotive world
  • Repair shop qualification for new systems
  • Electronic braking systems from Continental Teves
  • Basic set-up and function of ABS, ESP, EHB and EPB
  • Diagnostic equipment and tools for testing electronic systems
  • Bleeding the brakes on a car with ABS