4.3 Warranty – Seeing it as an Opportunity



Vocational training in an automotive profession or at least three years of professional experience

ATE/VDO sales partner employees

1 day

EUR 200.00
per participant

Number of participants:
max. 12

Free of charge for:


Target group:ATE/VDO sales partners’ warranty staff
Training goals:
  • Awareness of the legal background regarding warranties
  • Being able to assess ATE/VDO parts
  • Getting to grips with the warranty handling process
  • Seeing a warranty as an opportunity
Training details:
  • Warranty – guarantee – recognising a goodwill Situation
  • Familiarisation with the legal regulations
  • Assessing ATE/VDO products
  • Practical exercises for the entire process
  • The limits of a warranty
  • The warranty as a customer loyalty tool