1.4 Hybrid Vehicles - An Opportunity for the Repair Shop

   Image source: Renault Deutschland GmbH

Prerequisites:Vocational training in an automotive profession or at least three years of professional experience

Approx. 2.5 hrs, preferably evenings

EUR 49.00 per participant
(incl. high-voltage roof signs)

Number of participants:
max. 20



Target group:Owners and employees of ATE BrakeCenters and independent and affiliated repair shops
Training goals:
  • Certification: EuP-HV electrical engineering training in high-voltage systems
  • Understanding the hazard potential of HV technology
  • BGV A3, BGI 8686 and VDE 0105-100 regulations
  • Familiarisation with the current array of hybrid vehicles
  • Understanding hybrid drive types and battery technologies
  • Activating HV systems
  • HV system workflows in the repair shop
Training details:
  • Various hybrid drives and their manufacturers
  • The idea of hybrid drives and the environment
  • Legal instruction in accordance with BGV A3, BGI 8686, VDE 0105-100 and VDE 1000-10
  • Hazard potential and responsibility in the repair shop
  • Effects of hybrid vehicles on repair shops
  • First aid, protective measures and areas of activity of a trained EuP