1.3 Automotive Timing Belts – Power Transmission Group – Automotive Aftermarket


Prerequisites:Vocational training in an automotive profession or at least three years of professional experience

Approx. 2.5 hrs, preferably evenings

Please contact ContiTech on
tel. +49 (0) 511 938-5779

Number of participants:
max. 50


Target group:Owners and employees of ATE BrakeCenters and independent and affiliated repair shops
Training goals:
  • The advantages of toothed belts over chains
  • The necessity and use of water pump kits
  • Installation of and error mapping for TVDs/eTVDs
  • Properties and installation of Elast V-ribbed belts
  • Use and function of the toolbox
Training details:
  • Requirements and handling of toothed belts
  • Safety tips: installation instructions for toothed belts
  • Using the tension tester
  • Advantages, function and examples of use of the tension tester
  • Toothed belt error mapping