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Supplier Information - Logistics

Supplier Manual Logistics refers to all legal entities within the Continental Automotive Divisions, Chassis & Safety, Interior, Powertrain – thereinafter Continental.

Logistics procedures and processes are becoming increasingly important in relationships between Continental and suppliers. This manual aims to standardize and continuously improve procurement processes involving Continental and suppliers.

This manual is also intended as a work of reference which suppliers can use to clarify any difficulties and questions which may arise.

Supplier Manual Logistics replaces all previous Versions.


Supplier Manual Logistics
Supplier Manual Logistics (PDF, 1,2 MB) ______  ___  __________________________________ ______________________________________

TST N09800.01-000_Packaging: Definition, Process and Requirements (PDF, 1,0 MB)
TST  N09801.01-000_ Packaging Specification Data Sheet (PDF, 2,4 MB)
TST N09805.01-001_ Expendable Packaging (PDF, 1,6 MB)
TST N09802.01-001_Container Optimized Wood Pallet_L1108 and L1110 (PDF, 745 KB)
TST N09801.09-000_Verpackungstest -Spezifikation für Kunststoffpalette (PDF, 255 KB)                                                          
TST_N09802.02-001-02_Plastic-light-pallet_1200x800 (englisch, 340 KB)  / TST N09802.02-001_Kunststoff-Leichtpalette_1200x800 (deutsch, 247 KB)
TST_N09802.02-002-02_Plastic-heavy-pallet_1200x800 (englisch, 297 KB)  /  TST N09802.02-002_Kunststoff-Schwerpalette_1200x800 (deutsch, 314 KB)
TST_N09802.03-002-01_ESD-Plastic-heavy-pallet_1200x800 (englisch, 362 KB)  /  TST N09802.03-002_ESD-Kunststoff-Schwerpalette_1200x800 (deutsch, 260 KB)
Packaging Material Release (WORD, 121 KB) , Appendix A02
Packaging Loop Definition (XLS, 36 KB) ,  Appendix A03

Transportation / Customs / Export Control
TST N09800.02-000_Transportation, Customs/Foreign Trade and Export Control: Definition, Process and Requirements (PDF, 386 KB)
TST N09800.02-001_Continental Automotive Trade Terms (PDF, 287 KB)
Required on a Commercial Invoice to USA (PDF, 142 KB)
2014 ISF Letter to Suppliers (PDF, 119 KB)
Appendix ISF Form Instruction (39KB)
Explanatory notes for Supplier declarations (english, 226 KB) / Ausfüllanleitung für Lieferantenerklärung (deutsch, 179 KB)

TOMS (Transport Order Management)
Transport Order Management System (TOMS) Presentation (PDF, 1,0 MB) ____________________________________________________
01_Plant_Scheduling_Pool_ChangeDates_English_Trainingsvideo  (MP4, 12MB)
02_Plant_Scheduling_Pool_ChangeIncoterm_English_Trainingsvideo  (MP4, 15MB)        
03_Plant_Scheduling_Pool_LoadCreation_English_Trainingsvideo  (MP4, 20MB)

Identification                          _________________________________                                                                                           
TST N09800.03-000_Requirements on marking of goods (PDF, 2,0 MB)  ___________________________________________________
Requirements for Marking Goods, MAT-Label (PDF, 818 KB) , General MAT-Label Specification, Version 2.6           _____________

Other Logistic Documents
Global DELFOR_04A Guideline - published version March 2017
Global_INVRPT_13A Guideline (Consignment only) - published version March 2017
Global ASN / Global DESADV Guidelinepublished version March 2017              
Logistics Costs Breakdown (XLS, 124 KB) , Appendix A08
Part Change Notification (PPT, 69 KB)  ______________________________________________________________________________________

EDI Specifications
Global VDA4938 Guideline - published version March 2017_________________________________________________________________
Global VDA4938_SBI (Self-Billing) Guideline - published version March 2017
Global VDA4990 Guideline - published version March 2017           

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