Mastering Unexpected Situations Safely

For Enhanced Stability and Braking Comfort

Electronic brake systems (EBS) nowadays rank among the most performant active systems in terms of traffic safety. They ensure the stability and controllability of the vehicle in situations where sudden, unexpected external influences can easily turn driving into a sliding experience. The advantages of electronically controlled braking are obvious: the shortest possible braking distance, as well as stability-enhancing braking and steering interventions – and thus more safety in road traffic.

Around a quarter of all accidents involving injury to occupants are caused by the vehicle skidding. Electronic brake systems from Continental rank among the most field-proven safety factors that effectively assist the driver in this situation. They intervene supportively if the vehicle threatens to become unstable, and prevent it from leaving the lane. The car remains stable, because, for example, under the influence of ESC (Electronic Stability Control) individual wheels are briefly decelerated within fractions of a second and the engine torque is instantly adjusted.

The system continuously checks whether the actual direction of travel corresponds to that of the driver’s intended path. ESC will intervene immediately if safety-critical deviations are detected. Electronic brake systems and their components rank among the most important elements available for safe, relaxed driving on our roads. And this goes for almost all categories of vehicles; their applications range from small cars to transport vehicles.

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