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All Sensing Systems on for More Safety

It’s a tight turn, and the wheels turn at different speeds. From every corner of the vehicle, sensors offer feedback on the driving situation. In order to keep the vehicle safely on the road, the sensors communicate with other important components, such as the airbag control unit. And if a collision should occur, the vehicle’s occupants are protected by the airbags around them.

Restraint systems, such as seat belts and airbags, protect vehicle occupants when all available options for preventing an accident through further active interventions have been exhausted. Previously, these types of protection have been designed for specifically defined accident types, such as side or frontal impacts. Real-world traffic doesn’t always fit these scenarios, however. When a driver loses control of the vehicle because it has gone off the road, for example, there are a lot of forces at work on both the vehicle and the people inside it. In this kind of situation, seat belts and airbags can only provide optimum protection if they are controlled and triggered at the right moment and in the right order.

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