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The Only Technology Where Coming to a Standstill is the Benchmark

When Every Second Counts: Accelerate Your Stop

The stopping distance is crucial. Because in an emergency braking procedure, every centimeter counts. The technological progress that hydraulic brakes have achieved since being invented exemplifies the evolution of traditional safety components in global traffic. Innovations from Continental in the field of braking hydraulics make a vital contribution towards ensuring that when it comes to braking one thing above all comes to a standstill: the vehicle.   

As one of the world’s leading suppliers of hydraulic braking systems, Continental produces a succession of new, optimized solutions for an established braking technology. The product portfolio ranges from disc, parking and drum brakes to brake hoses and boosters. Hydraulic braking technologies have proved their worth millions of times over – and do a lot of hard labor worldwide in ensuring drivers’ safety: for, in order to halt a car weighing about two tons and traveling at high speed, the power of about 1000 kilowatts is needed, which has to be provided reliably in a matter of seconds.

So in the future, too, friction brakes will remain a central issue. Short stopping distances and optimum boosting of the braking operation are still the primary imperatives, since many drivers in critical situations often do not press the brake pedal hard enough. We know this – and have defined our portfolio accordingly.

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